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Spinning Plate Gallery | 5821 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15206
November 5-28, 2015
A Juried Members’ Exhibition of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh

A look into a kaleidoscope is a viewing experience of continually changing colors, patterns and forms. While honoring traditional fiber mediums and techniques, the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh also facilitates a contemporary representation of this medium. Kaleidoscope is an exhibition open to any or all fiber techniques and materials that reflect the creativity and excellent craftsmanship of our members.

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Mystic Summit

mystic summit

The gathering of work in an exhibition represents a convergence of many artistic journeys, a unique assembly of individual artistic visions.  Work included in Mystic Summit reflects a confluence of creative output, the pinnacles and peaks of artistic process, and the exploration of materials and techniques within the fiber art world.

May 1 – 25 Exhibition Duration
May 16 Gala Reception, Touchstone Fiber Symposium
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Click here to see the Mystic Summit catalog.Mystic Summit-2015-FGPGH