Guiditta Brozzetti

Written by Deb Brandon

There it was: Laboratorio Guiditta Brozzetti, the Guiditta Brozzetti workshop, a hand-weaving museum and school hidden inside the imposing church of San Francesco delle Dome in Perugia, Italy. I’d made an appointment to visit the studio months earlier, when I decided to travel to Perugia for a friend’s wedding. If I was going to travel that far, I definitely wanted to scope out textile-related landmarks in the area.More Information

Feathers and Finery

written by Deb Brandon We treasure gold and diamonds, silver, rubies, and emeralds. But what if precious metals and gemstones didn’t exist? Would we have looked to other natural resources to treasure? Or to something completely different, such as handmade items or special artistic skills?

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Weaving for the King

Written by Deb Brandon Can you imagine weaving for the king?

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For the Love of Textile Arts

The Berber of the Atlas Mountains in northwestern Africa are a male dominated society. The women are expected to stay close to home, doing women’s work, which includes weaving. Children also stay close to home, but when the boys become men, they leave the sphere of women’s influence to continue their journey through adult life.

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End of the year Report

The end of the year approaches and I’d like to share what happened this last few months. We organized our annual exhibition, Inspired! at Harlan gallery. Go to the Inspired! page to check out the work. Our guild has amazing artists!  

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