Communications & Social Media

This committee drives program communications with FGP Members. These include monthly email newsletters, event reminders, and social media posts. The committee also oversees the FGP website and associated social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. If you are interested in exhibiting your work, a list of Calls for Entry is published every two months, a great resource.
The Communications and Social Media Chair is Jen Haefeli.

Community Outreach

The Outreach Committee brings the talents and resources of our FGP to the wider community of Pittsburgh. The committee engages, educates, and fosters an appreciation of and love for fiber arts and techniques. The committee works to further the FGP’s cultural presence in Pittsburgh through collaboration with other guilds, organizations, and schools. We welcome all Members to help plan and carry out outreach efforts.
The Community Outreach Chair is Susan Swarthout.


The FGP provides its Members with exhibition opportunities, arguably one of the most valuable services provided by the FGP to its Members. The Exhibition committee governs all aspects of member exhibits to make sure that the experience is valuable for exhibitors and audiences alike.
The Exhibition Committee Chair is Debbie Penley.


The Finance Committee meets several times a year to review FGP finances, and to develop an annual operating budget for the coming year.
The Finance Chair is Lisa Haabestad.


The Hospitality Committee, in cooperation with the Program and Exhibition Committees, is responsible for providing refreshments and paper goods for the annual potluck, the annual membership exhibition, and occasional events.
The Hospitality Chair is Dewi Wong.


The Membership Committee maintains FGP membership records, mails information to new and prospective Members, tracks dues payments from Members (and sends payment reminders when necessary), and takes attendance records at FGP meetings. The Membership Committee strives to engage each new member with community coffees, personal correspondence and quick attention to membership questions.
The Membership Committee Chair is Karen Krieger.


The Nominating Committee nominates members annually for all open positions on the Board and presents nominees to fill any vacancies that occur on the Board of Directors. The Committee also nominates members for positions on the next Nominating Committee. The Committee reports its nominations to the membership at the FGP Annual meeting.
The Nominating Committee Chair is


The Program Committee identifies programming for the upcoming fiscal year and develops the comprehensive Program Calendar. The committee identifies programs, lectures, and workshops of interest to FGP Members, and procures presenters and meeting spaces to support the important work of the FGP.
The Program Committee Chair is Michelle Browne.

Grow in Fiber Grant

Created in 2023, this grant was intitiated to encourage members to explore opportunities and to expand their experiences. Whether members consider themselves novice or professional, current members are invited to apply for this developmental grant. This is a fiber- focused grant opportunity for artists from various backgrounds and genres; you don’t need to be a fiber artist, but the grant proposal must be fiber focused. This can include artists exploring fiber for the first time.
This committee is chaired by Karen Krieger.