The Fiberarts guild of Pittsburgh organizes several workshops yearly and also co-sponsors fiber art workshops with the Society for Contemporary Craft.

SCC workshops register: or call 412 261-7003
All other workshops register: at the bottom of this page.
Jhenny Adams: Sustainable Garment Design Workshop

Sept 9. SCC 10am -5pm
Atticus Adams: Wire Screen Sculpture, Presentation
Sept. 15. Sixth Presbyterian Church 7-9 pm
Kitty Savel: Crochet Wire and Bead Necklace Workshop
Sept 16. SCC 1-4 pm
Angela Pasquale: Fiber Conversation/Studio Visit
Oct. 3 7-9 598 Wenzel Ave Pgh.
Peggy Cox: Natural Dyeing-Marriage of Plant and Fiber, Presentation
Oct. 13 Sixth Presbyterian Church 7-9 pm
Jodi McLaughlin: English Paper Piecing-Hexagons, Workshop
Oct 14. SCC 10am -5 pm
Linda Colsh: Design and Composition, Workshop
Register thru SCC, location Greater Pgh. Coliseum
Oct. 21 & 22. 10 am -5pm
Laura Tabakman: Polymer Clay Workshop
Oct. 21. SCC 10am -5 pm
Eddie Shaw: Hand–stitched Leather Bags, Workshop
Nov. 5 & 12. SCC 6 -9 pm
Kirsten Ervin: Rug Hooking Techniques with T-shirts, Workshop
Nov. 11. SCC 10am-5 pm
Tereneh Mosley: Artisan Collaboration and Incorporation of Indigenous Textile Arts in Contemporary Sustainable Apparel, Presentation
Nov. 17. Eastminster Church 7-9pm
Daniel Baxter: Kreepy Doll Stocking Stuffers, Workshop
Dec. 2. SCC 1-5 pm
Colete Fu: Introduction to Pop-up Book Structures, Workshop
Dec. 2 & 3. SCC 10 am-5 pm
(January 13 Guild Pot Luck, Eastminster Church 10am -3 pm)
Maggie Hiltner: Vantage Point, Presentation
Jan. 26. SCC 5:30-8 pm
Maggies Hiltner: Found, Hand-stitched, and Altered-Embroidery Collage,
Workshop January 27 & 28. SCC 10am- 3 pm
(February 12 Focus on Felting, Presentation Sixth Presby Church 7-9pm)
Juliane Gorman: Wet Felted Hats, Workshop
Feb. 24. SCC 10am-5 pm
Nisha Blackwell: MONMADE Fiber Entrepreneurs, Presentation
March 14. Eastminster Church 7-9pm
Carolyn Rose: Sock Knitting Workshop
March 24. SCC 10 am-5 pm
Melissa Delisio: Marbled Fabrics, Workshop
April 14. SCC 10am-1 pm
Jane Dunnewold: Creative Strength Training, Presentation
April 27. SCC 5:30-8 pm
Jane Dunnewold: Mixed Media for Textile Artists, Workshop
April 28 & 29. SCC 10am-5 pm
(May 16 Annual Guild Voting Meeting, Eastminster Church 7-9pm)
Carolyn Carson: Fiber Conversation/Studio Visit
May 31. 223 Johnston Rd. Pgh. 2-4 pm
Jamie Herron: String Theory, Workshop, Free form Knit & Crochet
June 2. Sixth Presbyterian Church 10 am – 4 pm
Susan Shie: Presentation
June 15. Eastminster Church 7-9 pm
Susan Shie: Lucky Drawing-Freehand and Unruly, Drawing Workshop for All
June 16. Eastminster Church 10 am- 4 p
Toni Ritchey-Ridella: Fiber Conversation/Studio Visit
June 24. 2-4pm 118A General St., Forbes Rd. PA


Workshop by Jamie Herron: String Theory
June 2 Saturday – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: 6th PC Cost: $10
Registration: Register with the form  bellow or contact Michelle Browne for any question.
Fresh off the boat, after a glorious three weeks spent in the company of Prudence Mapstone, Jamie Herron wishes to share her enthusiasm and expertise in the field of Freeform! The Freeform work will be primarily in crochet, but if you only want to knit, then bring those needles & appropriate yarns and jump right in. Jamie will bring an assortment of crochet hooks and yarns (likely to be of the acrylic variety) for your use and experimentation. If you already have yarns and hooks, by all means, bring them. The day will be about joy and just, perhaps, going outside your comfort zone!
What to bring: 1. Hooks, if you have them: 2. Knitting needles if you want to add freeform knitting to your crochet; 3. Scissors, you’ll need/want them; & 4. Water, (potable) to keep you hydrated and anything else that will add to your comfort.

Workshop by Susan Shie: Lucky Drawing – Freehand and Unruly
June 16 Saturday – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Eastminster Cost: $60
Registration: Register with the form  bellow or contact Michelle Browne for any question.
“Freehand drawing is like jazz scatting or non-structured poetry. It is the visual form of doing creative work without rules. It is one way in which we humans express our uniqueness in the world and connect our inner and outer thinking. It makes us happy, and therefore removes stress, and therefore helps to balance and heal us. Sadly, we have to unlearn a lot, in order to open up
and draw in this innocent way! I teach by example and by taking away all the rules. You can use the themes I give the class or change them. Just open up and draw! I hope that the skills and  confidence you gain in this class will help you in expressing yourself more freely, as well as in enjoying drawing for its own sake.” Susan Shie.

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All fiber programs at SCC between September 2017 and June 2018 will be co-sponsored by the FGP with a limited number of discounts. FGP Members can receive $25 off most one-day workshops, $30 discount on their first two-day workshop, and a $50 discount on subsequent two-day workshops. To apply for a discount, use the promotional code Fiberarts Member Discounts when registering.
Discounts applied on a first-come first-served basis. We will notify Members in the Eblasts when funds for our discounts are running low or no longer available.
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