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Pittsburgh City Paper: At SCC, “Fiberart International pushes boundaries”

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“FI2016 Combines Powerful Expression and Fine Craftsmanship” according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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FI2016 received enthusiastically by Pittsburgh Trib Live

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FI2016 featured in Fiber Art Now “Fiber Happenings”

FI2016 Director Lauren Sims writes about what it takes to produce Fiberart International in the Summer 2016 issue of Fiber Art Now, Volume 5, Issue 4. Visit Fiber Art Now to order your copy. Features artwork by Elizabeth Brandt, Brigitte Amarger, and Penny Mateer working in collaboration with Martha Wasik.


Fiberart International featured on blog of Teresa Huang

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Fiberart International in the Pittsburgh City Paper

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Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh Newsletter

The Summer 2013 edition features several in-depth articles about FI 2013 along with photos from opening weekend and of the award winners.

Fiber artists blend modern aesthetics, traditional techniques

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World threads: ‘Fiberart International 2013′ adds to the global art feel

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Fiberart International is Pop City Filter’s Hot Pick!

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