The Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh sponsors at least one exhibition a year featuring members’ work. Entry is open to anyone and if accepted, non-members are required to join the Guild. Most of our exhibitions are juried and we invite prominent artists working in the fiber arts field to jury, and in some occasions give a lecture and a workshop to our members.


The Fiberarts Guild incentivizes the submission of work to our exhibitions by both established and emerging artists by offering monetary awards as defined by our Exhibition Committee each year. Awards may include:

3 Doudens Award

Past Guild president Herta Douden established this award to honor her mother-in-law, Annabel Douden, her daughter, Heidi, and herself. Annabel was one of the first presidents of the Guild, and Heidi designed the logo still used today. When the 3 Doudens Award is given, it is for Best Botanically Inspired Work.

Joanne Purrington Folley Award

John D. Folley, Jr. has arranged to fund awards for excellence in needlework in memory of his wife, Joanne Purrington Folley. Cash awards, when given, are for fiber art employing hand-held and/or machine-based needles on any surface.

Louetta Heindl Kambic Award

This Fiberart International award is endowed by Lou’s family and friends to honor her memory and her love of shibori and weaving. When given, this cash award is for outstanding work in one of these mediums.

Marianne Kor Award

Jan Kor endowed a trust to fund cash awards for exhibitions sponsored by the Fiberarts Guild in memory of his wife, Marianne Kor. When given, the award is for artistic excellence and achievement in fiber arts.

Janey May Bass Award

Family, friends, and fellow Guild members have funded this award to honor the memory and work of this lovely lady and talented artist who gave so much of her time to the Guild. This award will be given for outstanding fiber work during future Fiberart International Exhibitions.

In addition to the above, there are often other awards given for Fiberarts Guild membership exhibitions and Fiberart International.