Welcome to the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh and the launch of our brand-new website!

Thanks to designer Cara Rufenacht, catalyst Donna Kearns, guru Laura Tabakman, and all the other guild members who made it happen. We hope you will find our expanded on-line presence a fun and user-friendly way to stay in closer touch with the guild and all things fiber.

Here is where you’ll get important member info including programs, exhibition opportunities, and updates on current and forthcoming guild projects. And here’s where you can send your nonmember friends to explain who we are and what we do. We’re hoping the new site will reach out to the general public to help fulfill our mission of promoting and supporting fiber art.


Plus, as discerning readers will note, we have added a blog – Fiber Flash. For the first time we can showcase our members’ diverse work across the many disciplines that involve our exhilarating art form. We will conduct interviews with guild members, post images both still and video, and share stories about our guild’s greatest accomplishments past and present. We also plan to explore current trends in fiber art for artists and makers. Ultimately we want this space to be a forum for the exchange of information and ideas for our own membership and for everyone interested in fiber art.

As we ramp up to Fiberart International 2016 and our community outreach project Pop de Fleurs, it promises to be a grand and glorious feast. And like our beloved potlucks, the more cooks, the merrier. So consider this your personal invitation to pull up a seat at the table – and be generous with your comments, ideas, and contributions.

3 thoughts on “Three…two…one…GO!”

  1. I love the new website – Kudos to Jay and Penny. I’m so glad to see the entries from FI13 on the site. I think it gives new artists an idea of what can be entered. Since I will miss the potluck in January, I’m wondering if an idea has been chosen for the next fundraiser? Everyone I gifted with Artabet loved the paper and the potential to create with it. And I have many friends and family members playing with our cards. I’m anxious to know what’s next…

  2. I love the look of this well organized website Thank you all of the work. I am sure that we will all make great use of it.

  3. Hello Leslie and Sherri!
    Apologies Leslie for taking so long to answer. A bit of confusion about when we went live with the blog but now we are up and running. On behalf of the amazing website committee: Laura, Donna, Jay, Carol Beth and others not sure who (I only just began)
    thanks for your kind words!
    In answer to your question about the next fund raiser I am not sure that has been announced that’s a question for our FI 2016 Directors Lauren and Evan. Stay tuned.
    Looking ahead Jay and I are planning future blogposts and Fran is working with us to ensure we don’t miss anything from the newsletter.
    Hope to see you at the Potluck on Saturday!

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