Member Spotlight: Rae Gold

Joomchi in a Brightly Lit Studio

by Katie Bulova & Nancy Langer

Rae Gold is a long time FGP member.  She was strongly influenced by her mother, a knitter, and her neighbor, who taught her to crochet.

A visit to Rae’s studio gives us a glimpse into her rich fiber art practice. Nestled within an urban forest, her home brings the outside in. She sources reed, vine and pulp from her own garden and community to build a woodland gallery of woven forms throughout her home.

Rae recently completed a studio overhaul.  The revamped brightly lit main room with soaring ceilings now allows for a return to weaving, individual instruction, and display.  A new sampler of her weaving techniques heralds her return to this longtime favorite art technique.

Today, in this studio, Rae is talking about Joomchi.

Bright kaleidoscopes of Joomchi collage and sculpture are nestled among baskets and a gallery of soft forms of her now grown children. In the kitchen, in boxes, on walls, bright forms call for attention. 

While Rae found her footing in weaving sculptures, she has a diversified skill set and is well-versed in sewing, felting,  basket weaving and Joomchi.  She was a longtime entrepreneur with a ready to wear clothing line.

She came to Joomchi through a meeting at a felting retreat.  During a break, a fellow artist brought out her Joomchi materials and demonstrated the technique.

Joomchi is a Korean technique that uses layers of mulberry paper and water rolled together to create a patchwork of texture, color, and shape.  Once dried, the paper becomes strong enough to support collage, stitch, and paint.  Rae is able to create both 2 and 3 dimensional pieces out of the Joomchi technique.

Rae brings a felting twist to her Joomchi practices: she integrates bubble wrap in the mixing process, which allows for variation in texture and better cohesion.  While her pieces do not need armature, her finished sculptures might include acid free glue.

Rae’s Joomchi class at Contemporary Craft often fill quickly, her third session of 2024 will be held in April.


JiYung Chong, Joomchi and Beyond (2010)

Rae sources mulberry paper from Amazon.