Mentor/Interest Groups

A number of  Interest (Mentoring) Groups have formed the past year, and new groups are still forming. The groups are based on the skills that members have listed in this Resource Guide & Directory. They meet occasionally or on a regular basis.

Beading Group

Contact: Delli Speers
Meets to learn and share from each other beading techniques, stitches and ideas of how to incorporate beading into our artwork.

Felting Group

Contact: Jamie Herron
We are a group that celebrates all things FELT!* Our group is comprised of, and encourages, experienced felters, beginning felters, as well as those who want to learn how to felt. There is room and support for all!

*Felt = wet and needle felting (aka dry felting)

Installations Group

Contact: Michelle Browne
Examines art that is site specific and alters the perception of a space. We visit venues, talk about our own current and potential projects, and we hope to collaborate on a proposal for a future exhibition.

Knit-Crochet Group

Contacts: Kitty Savel and Susan Swarthout
Serves to broaden the skills and interests of its members through shared knowledge and enthusiasm. Open to all skill levels.
The group meets every first Sunday of the month at the Squirrel Hill Library from 1 to 3 pm.

Cultural Anthropology of Textiles Group

Contact: Christina Papp

Cultural Anthropology of Textiles Group (CAT) formerly the Costuming Group Contacts: Christina Papp

Our purpose is to:

  • Study textiles and clothing in all their forms, across cultures and throughout history, with special attention to the human narrative behind clothing, for creators and wearers alike
  • Make and wear articles of dress to put what we learn into practice and express ourselves as artists
  • Provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment for artistic growth.

The group meets the second Monday evening of most months in a group member’s home. For more information, Contact Christina Papp