Online Programs

In the midst of this pandemic crisis, the Guild is going online to virtual programs!
We are using Zoom to have meetings and lectures. Let us know who your favorite artists are. We may be able to bring them to town through Zoom!
Once you register on the form at the end of this page you will receive an email with an invitation to join the meeting. You can register for several programs at once.
Hope to see you there!

Lecture with fiber artist Sue Hotchkis

August 20, 2020 – 11AM EST
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Free program for members – $5.- for non-members.

Sue Hotchkis

Susan Hotchkis studied at Manchester Metropolitan University where she earned a BA (Hons) in Embroidery and a Master Degree in Textiles. She lectured in Manchester teaching adults and pre-degree students in Art and Textiles. Susan left teaching in 2007 and now works at home in her studio on the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland. She uses print techniques and machine stitch to create two- and three-dimensional abstract wall pieces, saturated with colour and stitch to highlight the beauty found in the processes of ageing and decay.
She has exhibited nationally and international and has recently had a solo show in Australia and has undertaken private commissions as well as been included in several publications.  In 2017 she became a member of the International Textile group ‘Quilt Art’, the group currently has two touring shows ‘Material Evidence’ and ‘Traces’. She is also a member of SAQA, SDA and has recently joined ‘Edge Textiles’ Scotland. Her website is  You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Show and Share meeting
August 31, 2020 -3pm
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For FGP members only.

We are having Zoom meetings to catch up with each other. Show, Share and Critique is no longer just an opportunity to show your work, but also a chance to see old friends, and meet new ones!
You may share your work, or your studio, or sit back and see what others are making.  Tell us about your influences and inspirations as you continue to work in isolation.  Work can be shown live, with your computer’s built in camera, or if you prefer, you may send images in advance to Laura Tabakman (  If you desire advice and input, we are there to assist, or you can simply choose to show your work. 
This is a fun way to stay connected and get inspired!!
Please join us!

Show & Share August 31— New Details!
Sign up on the website to get your zoom link for our next S&S meeting on August 31, 3 pm.  We will try out a new format:  meeting altogether at first, then breaking up into 4 rooms:  
1.  Knitters & Crocheters, with discussion facilitated by Cheryl Hopper  
2.  Felters, facilitated by Rae Gold 
3.  Weavers, facilitated by Rebecca Hebert 
4.  Creative Work in a Pandemic, facilitated by Carolyn Carson
Then we’ll re-join everyone else and discuss how it went!  Questions or concerns, contact Sherri Roberts:

Lecture with fiber artist Dawn Williams Boyd

September 29, 2020 – 2:00 PM EST
This program is not open for registration yet.
Free program for members – $5.- for non-members.

Dawn Williams Boyd

Dawn Williams Boyd’s artwork reflects her interest in American history as it affects and is affected by its African American citizens and women’s identity concerns. Her most recent work considers how U.S. politics influences the human condition worldwide. After more than 30 years successfully painting in oils and acrylic paints, in 2002 this prolific artist began to ‘paint’ with fabric instead of on fabric.
Her large scale ‘cloth paintings’ are representative and packed with vibrant, often life sized figures. Strategically placed beads, sequins, cowry shells, laces, silk ribbons and, occasionally, acrylic paints are occasionally added to embellish the surface. Through cutting, patching, surface enhancement and quilting, bits and pieces of fabric are transformed into modern visual storytelling.

Lecture with fiber artist Eszter Bornemisza

October 20, 2020 – 1:00 PM EST
Registration for this program is not open yet.
Free program for members – $5.- for non-members.

Eszter Bornemisza

Eszter Bornemisza is a fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary. She trained as a mathematician, earned a PhD in mathematical statistics and worked in the field as a researcher for nearly twenty years.
Having been experienced in sewing garments she started making art quilts in the mid ’90ties. In the last ten years she has been creating large scale transparent fiber works, 3D objects and installations mainly from the ubiquitous material of waste newspaper and cloth. Her work is based on experimentation and research. The basic process of creation is machine stitching with additional elements of printing, dyeing and painting.
Her works have been widely exhibited in juried and solo shows in Europe, America, Australia, China and Japan. She has been awarded several prizes in national and international juried shows. She has been a full-time studio artist since 1999.
Eszter was a participating artist in Fiberart International 2013 and 2016.

Lecture with fiber artist Maggie Scott

November 16, 2020 11AM EST
Registration for this program is not open yet.
Free program for members – $5.- for non-members.

Maggie Scott

Maggie Scott creates her artwork from the particularity of who she is: a black woman, a feminist, a daughter, a mother, an activist and a British Textile Artist.
Well-known for her sumptuously crafted felt textiles to wear; her large-scale works draw on the aesthetic and symbolic potential of the laborious process of felting. The hand-felted re-interpretations of photographic images often explore the politics of the representation and tensions and contradictions of a Black British or Black European identity.
Born in London, Maggie graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art in 1976 with BA honors in Fashion Textiles and she set up her first studio in London in 1980.
Her professional life as a Textile Artist had existed in parallel with her involvement in gender and race politics. Her experiment with a series of large, autobiographical textile pieces led to a bursary award and a one woman show at Leicester Museum in 2012, “Negotiations – black in a white majority culture”.
After the success of “Negotiations” Maggie has been invited to exhibit in several major USA cities, as well as Germany, Belgium, Portugal, China and Canada.

Lecture with fiber artist Kirstie Macleod- Red Dress Project

December December 14, 2020 – 11 AM EST
Registration for this program is not open yet.
Free program for members – $5.- for non-members.

Kirstie Macleod

Exploring issues of identity, the subconscious and the passage of time my work seeks to articulate specific events and interactions through a kaleidoscopic, emotion led vision. The ‘circle’, and textile processes, specifically embroidery feature at the heart of my practice, although often in unusual ways.
I am fascinated with its diversity and potential as a means of communication (or subversion), its history and practice throughout the world both as an art form and in daily life, and the repetitive, meditative and healing effects experienced through its creation.
With a background in Textiles, Visual Language and theatrical based disciplines, the works form a diverse portfolio comprising embroidery, painting, photography, drawing and installation.

Lecture with fiber artist Sandra Sider

January 21, 2021 – 3 PM EST
Registration for this program is not open yet.
Free program for members – $5.- for non-members.

Sandra Sider, a New York quilt artist since the early 1980s, has led critique workshops since 2005. She holds an M.A. in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Sandra has served as president of SAQA, and today she is Editor of Art Quilt Quarterly and Curator of the Texas Quilt Museum. She has written or edited more than a dozen books concerning contemporary quilt art, including Art Quilts Unfolding: Fifty Years of Innovation and Exploring Your Artistic Voice in Contemporary Quilt Art.  As of 2020, she is designing fabric lines for Benartex, beginning with “Votes for Women.”