Patricia Downs

Fiber Artist – Plattsburgh, NY

Written by Karen Womack

Patricia Downs returned to her roots to find her niche.

Her senior project at the Fashion Institute of Technology was a large 3D fiber installation that a person could crawl into, evoking the feeling of enclosure.

Primarily a crochet artist, she made us of found time during the pandemic to experiment with building a wire armature and covering it with various fibers to create texture.  Yarn and reclaimed fabric are a few of her mediums.

Chasing Peace

Patricia’s mission is to reduce the stigma around craft processes that are thought of as “feminine” or “domestic.”  She honors craft traditions while elevating the processes to fine art. 

It is important to her to create a zero-waste practice. Her textiles are recycled and reclaimed – creating a new chapter in the life of a textile that had a useful purpose.

Happy Shell

Her entry in the show, Sagging, is the largest piece she has made since her senior thesis. Her piece represents protrusion – natural body functions that yield artistic interpretation.  Her choice of colors – primary plus green – are intentional to the theme.

Current projects include a study of the textiles and embroidery of Ukraine and she continues to work on many works in progress in her “studio” – her tiny apartment. 

Instagram – Downs_Art

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