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Join Artist and Guild Member Akiko Kotani for this FB live event

“A new monthly interview series from Creative Pinellas drawing connections between artists, inspirations, friends and mentors, showcasing the individuals that together make a creative community. Each month an artist interviews another artist in Pinellas County that has been an inspiration to them. The next month the interviewee becomes the interviewer, speaking with a Pinellas artist that has inspired them in turn. In the second of this series, artist Akiko Kotani welcomes her friend and collegue Babs Reingold.”

Pierre Bonnard at the Tate: The Surprising Reasons We Love Art

A London exhibition of the French post-impressionist painter exemplifies what fascinates us about art itself.
Article by Robert Pepperell
“I am an artist who uses science and philosophy to understand how art affects us. My work has led me to think that art is most exciting when it creates states of psychological conflict, confusion or dissonance. Here’s three ways we can see this in Bonnard’s work.”