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A Massive Crocheted Canopy Provides Shade for a Shopping District in Malaga

Beating the heat in the town of Alhaurín de la Torre, in Malaga is an art, literally. A massive patchwork of crocheted squares now blankets the main shopping corridor thanks to local crochet teacher Eva Pacheco and over a dozen students.

Afghan refugees in Delhi are weaving themselves a new life, a stitch at a time

They are using their expertise in traditional Afghan embroidery to earn a livelihood.

Ducks, Otters, and Other Wildlife Plunge into Water in Intricate Split-View Embroideries

Fiber artist Megan Zaniewski sends delicate air bubbles rippling through her water-based embroideries that capture the momentum of ducks, turtles, and other wildlife as they dive into a pond or lake. Through a combination of knots and straight stitches, Zaniewski deftly renders the animals as they burst through the surface, using threadpainting techniques with staggered strands of cotton to depict layered feathers and fur.

Brand new Ace Hotel Brooklyn is entwined with fibre art

The Ace Hotel’s second New York outpost opens in Brooklyn with a programme of newly-commissioned textile art. We speak to curator and featured artist Niki Tsukamoto.

An Artist’s Hand Towels, Woven During the Pandemic

Doerte Weber’s weavings reproduce the ubiquitous charts and graphics related to infection rates, deaths, and unemployment.

Textured Patchworks of Sequins, Plastic Beads, and Oil Paint Comprise Trevon Latin’s Dazzling Portraits

Through a patchwork of glitzy sequins and humble cottons, New York-based artist Trevon Latin renders a fantastical world fit for an equally nuanced ensemble of characters.

From Seed to Cloth

“His belief in pushing back against misconceptions of rural places and desire to engage with the region’s racist legacy first attracted me to his work. I was also mystified by the colors he coaxes from flowers, shrubs, and trees growing within a 20-mile radius of his home. They startle the eye with their depth and richness. Then there’s his sewing. The geometric, landscape-inspired patterns Aaron stitches onto upcycled fabric evoke William Christenberry, who spent a lifetime photographing the natural and manmade features of Hale County.”

Anatomical Embroideries Use Precise Stitches and Beads to Portray Muscles, Organs, and Bodily Systems

A single skeletal muscle contains hundreds of thousands of individual fibers stretched in long rows, an anatomical fact that the textile artist behind Ambroidering recreates in an unusually fitting manner. Based in Shropshire, England, the artist stitches precise embroideries of the human body, defining circular systems with sinuous threads, conveying the distinct layers of skin with sparkling beads, and translating the brain’s spongy matter into thick, puffy pockets.

Industrial Materials and Rugged Topographies Converge in Jacqueline Surdell’s Knotted Tapestries

Chicago-based artist Jacqueline Surdell sutures lengths of rope, fabric, and silky ribbons into sprawling abstract tapestries that hang from walls and standalone armatures in textured, colorful masses. Swelling clusters of knots and ties, loose weaves, braided tunnels, and dangling strands compose her three-dimensional compositions that are disrupted by sporadically used items like steel chains, volleyballs, and polyester shower curtains.


The self-taught textile artist and educator’s intricately woven tapestries are a reflection of her connection to the environment and its temperamental nature.

Maria Thomas: Keepsakes in stitch

Textile artist Maria Thomas is a master at finding and embedding found objects in ways that tell remarkable stories of life, love and loss. And her use of vintage textiles adds yet more meaning to the notion of treasured keepsakes and mementoes.

Tightly Woven Baskets Intertwine Invasive Plants and Weeds into Adorable Miniatures

From a single dandelion or bindweed, Suzie Grieve weaves minuscule baskets, pouches, and other wearables that are smaller than the tip of her finger. The braided vessels are the result of a lengthy, holistic process that extends from foraging the wild fibers to twisting the processed cords into durable little containers.

Embroidered Landscapes Capture the Stillness of Pastoral Life through Dense Knots and Stitches

French knots, chain stitches, and straight lines become peaceful countrysides and abandoned shacks overrun by moss and vines in Katrin Vates’s embroideries. Using bleached canvas as a base, Vates works with thread in natural color palettes of greens or autumnal hues that she lays in variable lengths and thicknesses: she conveys a glistening ocean through flat, even stitches in blues and white, while tufts of neutral tones become cropped fields and dried bushes.