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explore the largest crochet work by artist ernesto neto at museum of fine arts, houston

the museum of fine arts, houston, presents one of ernesto neto’s largest crochet works to date. on view through sunday, september 26, 2021, and titled ernesto neto: SunForceOceanLife, the large-scale installation is a colossal spiraling structure that highlights the cyclical relationship between the sun and the sea to produce life on earth. the immersive piece has been installed inside the cullian hall, filling it with yellow, orange, and green materials that have been hand-woven and suspended in a spiral formation.

Preserved Grasses and Twigs Radiate Outward in Delicately Embroidered Sculptures by Artist Kazuhito Takadoi

Artist Kazuhito Takadoi (previously) tames the unruly grasses, leaves, and twigs grown in his garden by weaving the individual strands into exquisite radial sculptures. Stitched into paper or bound to wooden discs made of cedar of Lebanon, oak, elm, or walnut, the abstract forms hover between two and three dimensions and utilize traditional Japanese bookbinding techniques to secure the threads.

Animated Tutorials Whip Up Fiber-Rich Lemonade and Banana Splits by Andrea Love

Andrea Love (previously) cooks up some treats just in time for the summer heat, although their woolen ingredients might make them less thirst-quenching than usual. From her miniature kitchen, Love films short stop-motion animations that show her squirting spools of juice to make lemonade or coating heaps of ice cream with a thin line of chocolate yarn.

An especially great Textile Talks, about the groundbreaking exhibit that changed how quilts were viewed in the art world, with Jonathan Holstein and Dr. Carolyn Ducey.

25 Million Stitches

This project provides a beautifully resonant expression of art/ activism that raises awareness of the immense scope of peoples forcibly displaced from their homelands by violence and natural disasters. By choosing basic stitching as the means to tally the number of people displaced, those who are new to art-activism were drawn to it and became part of our collective mending, of repair. Every participant from 5 to 91 years of age and from the asylum seeker to the artist who had never thought of their art as an expression of social activism, became an essential part of project.

The Journey Behind Liza Lou’s Behemoth Beaded Kitchen

Lou started building her beaded kitchen in 1991 at her mother’s house, as a 20-year-old, and finished in 1996, totally transformed as a person and as an artist.

Thread Infused with Scent Embellishes Embroidered and Woven Textiles to Stimulate Memories

Scent, memory, and emotion are inextricably bound together in the human brain, making it possible that a single sniff evokes feelings of delight, comfort, and calm associated with an experience. Pallavi Padukone uses this inherent connection in Reminiscent, a series of 11 fiber-based works infused with naturally derived fragrances, all of which the textile artist and designer equates with her hometown of Bangalore, India.

Gwen Hedley: Stitching distress and repair

Gwen Hedley is particularly drawn to the weathered materials she finds in her coastal explorations. Walking the local landscapes, she is drawn to dilapidated found objects and worn surfaces. The textures and scars show the passage of time and this is what inspires her.

7 Artists Weaving New Tapestry Traditions

“Along with cave paintings, threads were among the earliest transmitters of meaning,” Anni Albers wrote in her canonical 1965 tome On Weaving. Considered by many to be the godmother of textile arts, Albers dedicated her book to her “great teachers”—the weavers of ancient Peru. The basic principles of tapestry—typically wall hangings defined by complicated pictorial designs formed by warp-and-weft weaving or embroidery—has not changed for millennia, despite the introduction of power machinery in the late 18th century.Contemporary artists who have dared to take up the painstaking labor of weaving in the digital age similarly find themselves in dialogue with newly minted historical figures like Albers—who was instrumental in elevating the status of weaving as a fine art—as well as ancient traditions that span the globe.

Sculptural Portraits Fashion Raw Wool into Expressive Figures by Salman Khoshroo

Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo (previously) continues his wool portraiture series with dozens of new sculptural works. Chunky, dyed rovings stretch and curl into facial features, beards, and coifs that pair the supple shape and color of the raw materials with a unique expression.