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Intricate Paper Animals Spring from Textured Sculptures by Artist Calvin Nicholls

In Calvin Nicholls’s sculptural forms, feathered and furry creatures are meticulously crafted from small pieces of white paper. When viewed up-close, their texture resembles the fullness of a wintery landscape, but in full form, the Canadian artist’s animals are so vivid that they appear as though they could leap, fly, and spring out of the canvas.

Swaths of Tulle Billow from Site-Specific Installations by Ana María Hernando

Fueled with a sense of rebellion, yards of colorful tulle cascade from windows and down staircases in site-specific installations by Ana María Hernando. The soft, pliable material breaches existing architecture and entwines trees in swaths of mesh, creating works that are both visually striking and subversive.

Countless Paper Seeds Comprise the Fluctuating Landscapes in Ilhwa Kim’s Sculptural Works

In Ilhwa Kim’s sculptural landscapes, innumerable paper seeds form precise rows, indented pockets of densely packed folds, and multi-color valleys that wind through the feet-wide works. The South Korean artist arranges individual units of the rolled material in a staggered manner, meaning that the color, shadow, and texture of the final pieces shift with each viewing.

A Trio of Monumental Macramé Installations Stretch 37 Feet Across a Seaside Structure in Bali

In just 12 days, Jakarta-based fiber artist Agnes Hansella fashioned a staggering trio of macramé installations that hang from a ceiling in Bali. Each of the knotted works spans more than 37 feet wide, cloaking the open-air structure in fringed fibers that evoke the coastal surroundings of Jimbaran.

The colorful, meticulous, I-wanna-touch-it work of American artist Andrea Alonge.

“A thought that comforts me is the idea of our connections to everything through our chemical makeup – we are made up of the water, and the same elements as the stars and the trees, and the air that we breathe, and our universal consciousness. We are all touching. We will touch forever.”

Anna Torma’s Hand-Sewn Dreams

Inspired by children’s drawings, Hungarian folklore, and medieval legends, Torma’s playful, hand-sewn worlds are engrossing.

The Enduring Haute Couture of a 466-Year Old Kimono House

How Chiso, a relatively obscure Japanese textile firm, keeps an age-old craft fresh.

A Monumental Collection of Slouching Figures Considers the Effects of Aging on the Body

Nicole Havekost describes her towering figures as exhibiting the contradiction of “sublime embarrassment… Bodies are magical and glorious and gross and bewildering. Bodies are civilized and feral.” Through hand-sewn sculptures, the Rochester-based artist explores the ways aging affects peoples’ figures and the emotional process of adjusting to a new reality.

Textured Histories: From Weaving to CollageTina

(Editor’s note: I am late with posting this but the art is timeless.)

This site features the work of Guild member Tina Williams Brewer.

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