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Virtual Workshop – Write to Art: Explore the Artist Swoon with Sheila Kelly

Free Virtual Workshop hosted via Zoom at Contemporary Craft
Wednesday, June 24 
This workshop will begin at 2:00pm and last from one hour and 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the number of participants. 

Description: swoon: noun: partial or total loss of consciousness, a state of ecstasy; verb: become enraptured. Dialogue with Swoon’s exhibition artworks on your computer screen. Let her art excite you, open you, usher you into writing your most urgent poems and stories. Like Swoon’s art, discover how tender, how strong your words are, you are.
As writers, you know that inspiration is a gift and we need to create opportunities for finding it. Writing to art is one way to open up new paths to our personal and/or social concerns. Which artworks engage your vital life questions? Who do you become in the artwork? What comforts or disturbs you in the artwork? What do you hear, taste, smell as you enter the work? 
This virtual writing adventure uses image-rich poems and questions for reflection as jumping-off points for creating new writing. Write any way you like: as stories, fragments, poems, meditations, questions. Students will generate and share new writing in a safe, playful, virtual workshop setting via Zoom. All writing levels and experience are welcome!
For more information and registration go HERE

Fiber Arts & Textiles Symposium 2020

SYMPOSIUM SCHEDULE – June 19 to 27, 2020 . 30 Artists . 30 Workshops
Please note, schedule subject to change at any time. The LIVE Workshops (labeled as such) will start at 9AM MDT (8AM PDT, 10AM CDT, 11AM EDT, 3PM GMT). All workshops will be available each day from 9AM-midnight for free. You can also buy all classes of the symposium.

August Wilson African American Cultural Center – Virtual Tours

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center boasts a wide range of dynamic exhibition and educational spaces that have hosted thousands of talents artists and creative students of all ages and backgrounds. Within recent past, acclaimed visual artists who have showcased their works include Hebru Brantley, Romare Bearden, Latoya Ruby Frazier, Vanessa German, Tarish Pipkins, Peju Alatise, and many more.

Galleries are free and open to the public.

Introduction course to Freehand Machine Embroidery

Freehand Machine Embroidery (also known as free-motion embroidery) is a simple but highly versatile way to draw with your sewing machine. It is simple, fun and can be highly addictive.

Have you ever wanted to try it? Here is your chance!

This free course provides you with a basic introduction to the freehand machine embroidery technique. It will introduce you to the various tools and knowledge you will need to test the technique on your sewing machine, whatever type of machine that may be.
Register here Meredith Woolnough

We Are the Story – Call for entries

Women of Color Quilters Network and Textile Center announce call for quilts to be part of We Are the Story, a multi-site initiative of quilt exhibits and community events in the Twin Cities later this summer, curated by Carolyn Mazloomi.
More information here

Bisa Butler | In the Artist’s Studio

Katonah Museum of Art

Katonah Museum of Art

New Jersey-based artist Bisa Butler’s textile portraits of African American people are created from layers of brightly colored fabrics with a multiplicity of meanings. Butler’s composite characters are inspired by historical photography; the resulting images are rendered life-sized with viewers often engaging the subjects, eye to eye. “I create portraits of people that include clues of their inner thoughts, their heritage, their actual emotions, and even their future,” states Butler. “I represent all of my figures with dignity and regal opulence because that is my actual perspective of humanity. I use West African wax printed fabric, kente cloth, and Dutch wax prints to communicate that all of my figures are of African descent and have a long and rich history behind them. I choose bright technicolor cloth to represent our skin because these colors are how African Americans refer to our complexions.”

Uncanny, The Dolls of Mariana Monteagudo

“Uncanny, The Dolls of Mariana Monteagudo” is a documentary by filmmaker Elaine Minionis. Shot between 2015 and 2018, the film closely follows Mariana through the creation of her series “Uncanny”.
Visit her website