Links of Interest

Suspended Blossoms and Patchwork Characters Imagine a Pastel Universe of Overabundance

A self-taught artist based in Brooklyn, Lewis hand-dyes vintage curtains, bed sheets, blankets, towels, and clothing that she sews into quilts and looming sculptural figures.

Thrilled to Pieces: A Survey of Patchwork on the Runways

This historical survey is a visual feast.

Daily Newspapers are meticulously cut into lace collages

For Myriam Dion, a newspaper’s narrative qualities go beyond the text on the page. The Montreal-based artist accentuates the daily briefs and profiles in publications like The Wall Street JournalFinancial Times, and Le Monde by overlaying broadsheets with painstakingly cut newsprint.

A New History Of Fiber Artists Who Tried To Turn Craft Into Art

This is an older survey, but the information and imagery are still very relevant.

Salley Mavor: Bedtime Stitches

Debuting the original artwork for Salley Mavor’s latest book, My Bed: Enchanting Ways to Fall Asleep around the World, the Cahoon Museum presents a series of sculptural embroideries that celebrate cultural differences and highlight the universal theme of children sleeping safe in their beds.

The Stunning Astronomical Beadwork of Native Artist Margaret Nazon

Celestial splendor bridging ancient tradition and modern science. Another slightly vintage article (from last year) but well worth visiting.

Lessons from the Afghan Women Who Weave Modern War into an Ancient Tradition

One more article from last year, it’s still culturally very relevant. Women of Central Asia have been weaving hand-made rugs of intricate design for thousands of years. But in 1979, the carpets began to change radically. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan displaced more than a million citizens and devastated the region. Its effects impacted everyday life so deeply that women in Afghanistan and those living as refugees in Pakistan and Iran began to incorporate icons of war into their carpets.

Fall Artist Feature: India Flint

Self-described “botanical alchemist, forest wanderer & tumbleweed, stargazer & stitcher, string twiner, working traveller, dreamer, writer and the original discoverer of the eucalyptus eco-print,” India Flint’s body of work is sure to inspire the wanderer in all of us.

Audrey Walker MBE 1928-2020

A tribute from Philip Hughes, Director, Ruthin Craft Centre, “As well as being a highly significant textile artist Audrey was also a great enabler. She was a fantastic friend and critical supporter to many artists and makers well beyond the textile world. Audrey will be missed by many people, but especially by those in the textile world where, through her teachings and her work with the 62 Group, she was a pivotal figure.”

Remembering: Dorothy Gill Barnes

American Craft Council Fellow Dorothy Gill Barnes, fiber artist and wood sculptor, died on November 23 at the age of 93. She was recognized internationally as an innovative basketry artist whose work celebrated the natural features of the materials she harvested from around her Ohio home.

Bridget Steel-Jessop: Mapping stitched memories

It was only after five years of “hard stitching” that Bridget Steel-Jessop was able to sidestep well-meant advice to make cushions, to surpass her homely gift-making skills, and to finally state: “I am a textile artist”.