Links of Interest

The Pandemic Won’t Stop These Artists from Creating

Guild member LaVerne Kemp is included in a new exhibition by Women of Visions that chronicles their thoughts, moments and imagination during the stay-at-home orders.

Weavings and wall hangings by Igshaan Adams

In his first solo museum exhibition in the US, running until November at SCAD, Adams lines the walls and floors of the expansive Pamela Elaine Poetter Gallery.

A Tribute to a Lace-Knitting Legend: Olga Alexandrovna Fedorova

Olga realized that without worldwide access to its techniques, Orenburg-style lace knitting would be writing its final chapter. Olga Alexandrovna Fedorova made sure that it did not happen.

Monarchs, Milkweed, and You

Milkweed plants not only support threatened monarch butterfly populations, they produce several types of spinnable fiber!

Lacy, spray-painted murals are the gorgeous work of Warsaw based artist NeSpoon.

From Sicily to Spain, France to Croatia she is bringing the traditional lace of each area out of the linen closet and onto the walls of the town.

Miniature Mixed Media Lace Works Depict Pastoral Scenes in New Work by Ágnes Herczeg

Working within a scale of just a few inches, Hungarian artist Ágnes Herczeg  threads together fragments of wood, seeds, and wire with delicate lace work to form pastoral scenes inspired in part by her surroundings in a small town near the river Danube.

Honoring Motherhood and the Mundane

Wings of Change, the forthcoming New York debut of Billie Zangewa, will bring together a selection of the artist’s tender silk collages, which revel in Black domestic intimacy.

Nidiya Kusmaya is a textile artist and researcher from Sukabumi-West Java Indonesia, working with natural dyeing methods.

Currently she is doing research in combining kitchen and agricultural waste with materials such as micro fungus and bacteria to create colorants for textiles that are environmentally friendly.

A Collection of Lace Collars in Honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

One of the many things Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be remembered for is the iconic collars she wore with her black robes. In honor of the Supreme Court Justice’s passing, here’s a collection of white lace collars from the pages of PieceWork Magazine.