Links of Interest

Studio Visit: Rising Textile Art Star Bisa Butler on How to Use Fabric Like Paint and the Kind of Art She Finds Irredeemably Boring

Bisa Butler is having a well deserved moment in the sun.

Rosie Lee Tompkins’s Textiles Offer Windows Into Other Worlds

Tompkins’s quilts are at turns abstract beauties, political statements, faith-based texts, and textile craft.

Textured Embroideries Capture the Thick patchwork of Scenic Farmland and Forests

Victoria Rose Richards creates minature worlds through embroidery.

Bees Encase Raw-Material Embroideries with Honeycomb in New Encaustic Works by Ava Roth

A fascinating use of materials and resources.

Ghanaian Artist Patrick Quarm Weaves Together Vibrant Tapestries That Reflect His Personal Experiences.

Quarm earned his MFA in Texas before returning to his native country, where he lives and works.

Christine Mayer is a Berlin-based fashion designer has built a fashion career on re-purposing clothing and breathing new life into old garments.

She is a pioneer of three-dimensional free draping with fabric, an art form she has adapted and developed from her studies in classical Japanese drapery.

Joana Vasconcelos: Beyond

 Vasconcelos creates vibrant sculpture, using fabric, needlework and crochet alongside everyday objects from saucepans to wheel hubs. She frequently uses items associated with domestic work and craft to comment from a feminist perspective on national and collective identity, cultural tradition and women’s roles in society.

How to Safely Store (Most) Textiles: Part 3

Learn how to safely store your textiles and how to combat the three enemies of cloth.

The Pendleton Problem: When Does Cultural Appreciation Tip Into Appropriation?

Designers weigh in on the fine line that divides the two when it comes to home decor.

How to do a reverse image search.

How do you find who’s stolen your art for their website?

How do you find the source of an image you want to use?

Banksy Loses Trademark Case to Greeting Card Company

Not specifically fiberart related, but a very interesting interpretation of copyright law.