Links of Interest

Here’s a cornucopia of wonderful fiberart related links for your enjoyment!

A fascinating look at Nick Cave’s new exhibit.

A Staggering Sculptural Rug by Artist Faig Ahmed Pours into an Amorphous Puddle

A triumph conceptually and technically.


An Interview with Robin Wall Kimmerer:

Her book Braiding Sweetgrass has been a surprise bestseller. The nature writer talks about her fight for plant rights, and why she hopes the pandemic will increase human compassion for the natural world.

Uncoiled Rope Sprawls Across Canvases and Open Spaces in Organis Forms by Artist Janaina Mello Landini:

In Sonia Gomes’s Hands, Textiles Evoke Resilience

With her New York debut on the horizon, the Afro-Brazilian artist, known for her seductive, textile-based sculptures, is finally, and rightfully, receiving international recognition.

In His New Works, Sanford Biggers Finds a Future Ethnography

In his new series, the artist has created 60 works created directly on or made from pre-1900 antique quilts.

Herbert Niebling: Grand Master of Lace Knitting

Niebling’s designs are not for the faint of heart or the impatient knitter. Some of his larger table covers contain as many as 300 rows, with the outer rows comprising hundreds of stitches, all to be worked in fine thread from pages of complex charts.

Clarissa Callesen: Sculpting new life from old textiles

Clarissa Callesen is known for her textural sculptures and installations made with found objects and recycled materials. Her creations are visually stimulating, with the appearance of a fermenting, growing mass of textile-covered, stitched and wrapped shapes.

Suchitra Mattai, textile installations using colorful vintage saris

“I am interested in giving voice to people whose voices were historically quieted. Using both my own family’s ocean migrations and research on the period of colonial indentured labor during the 19th Century, I seek to expand our sense of “history.” Re-writing this colonial history contributes to contemporary dialogue by making visible the struggles and perseverance of those who lived it. I often focus on women and employ practices and materials associated with the domestic sphere such as embroidery, weaving, etc”

Red Flags Are Flying at Rockefeller Center

Andy Goldsworthy’s installation seeks to signal anti-imperialism at a notoriously capitalist site.

WTA Biennial Chile: a YouTube channel with a tremendous selection of short videos, many of them fiber related:

Fiber craft elevated to art in the hands of an expert at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.

Mary Weahkee, an archaeologist for the State of New Mexico, was commissioned by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe to re-create the ancient craft of making a blanket from thousands of turkey feathers.