Inspired-FGP Membership Exhibition FAQs


The Fiberarts Guild Annual Membership Exhibition is open to all members.   If you have paid annual Guild dues, you are a member!   Junior Members of the Guild are welcome to submit work, as well.


You can submit work to both Inspired! and the 2019 Fiberart International.   Our exhibition schedule was planned in order to accommodate and encourage entry in FI19.   There is absolutely no conflict between the exhibitions for our members.   You can even show the same pieces.


We strongly encourage submitting highest-quality images for exhibition.     It will represent your work in its best possible light (literally) for the juror’s consideration.   Photographs of selected pieces will also be used for publication in the exhibition catalogue.   Here are some references and best practices to help make this process easy.

Resizing digital images

For submissions, we request digital images at least 2000 pixels on the longest side, and approximately 3MB files.   If this is confusing, our fellow members are available to help resize your photographs.     Please contact exhibition chair, Elizabeth Murray Finkelstein, at for details.

Framed work under glass

The reason we request ‘no glass in photo’ is because it is so hard to photograph a piece under glass without getting a glare.   If your work will be professionally framed and sealed, here is best practice to submit images for exhibition:

  1. Photograph the entire piece without the frame or glass.
  2. Include a detail without the frame or glass (if you wish).
  3. For second detail shot, photograph the whole piece including the frame.   That way, even if there is glare on the piece, we can still see the frame.

3D / Installation Views

While we request two images to represent any piece – one full view, plus one detail – members submitting 3D projects or installations may provide one additional image.


If you prefer to work with a professional, the following photographers are available for hire.   While we can provide these references, members are responsible for making their own arrangements.   (Ie, inquiring if photographers are available and what their prices are.)


Staci Offutt

Diana Lyn


Inspired! will be shown at Harlan Gallery, located in the Seton Hill University Arts Center in Greensburg, PA.   Opened in 2015, it is a beautiful, light-filled contemporary space.

Wall Space / Dimensions

For height, Harlan Gallery has 9 ft of available space, and the ceilings are 3 ft. higher.     There are pedestals available for three dimensional work.   Please note: while there is no size restriction for submitting work to Inspired!, the available space will be a factor in the juror’s selections.

Transporting artwork

If you need help with delivery to Greensburg, or back to Pittsburgh after the closing, we will make arrangements to meet artists at the PCA and we will transport your artwork for you.   Details will be included in acceptance email to artists.