FI16 Awards fund


Dear Fiberarts Guild Member:
The holidays are upon us and before we know it will be 2016, the year of our triennial Fiberart International Exhibition and Forum, the 22nd in a series of triennial juried exhibitions sponsored by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Chosen by a distinguished panel of artists and curators, Fiberart International 2016 (FI2016) will feature works by established and emerging artists, providing a unique opportunity to see current trends and innovations in this constantly evolving medium including innovative work rooted in traditional fiber materials, processes, and history, as well as art that explores unexpected relationships between fiber and other creative disciplines.Those of you who have experienced and been involved in past Fiberart Internationals know the treasures that await us to lift our spirits, increase our knowledge and renew our creativity.  To our new members, you will have the privilege of experiencing some of the best works of fiber art from around the world delivered to our front doorstep. We see the art in real-time, take in the color, texture, and composition right before our eyes!  We meet many of the artists face to face and interactively discuss their thoughts, motivations and daily lives.
How does our organization accomplish this over the years, a high-level exhibition normally organized by much larger organizations with paid staff and much bigger budgets?  It is the result of our guild volunteers who have devoted countless hours to making it happen.
In addition to our volunteer efforts our members have monetarily supported the First, Second and Third Place Awards for the Fiberart International over the years.  We are now requesting from Guild members a tax-deductible contribution in any amount, to support the awards.  We would like to suggest $25, $50 or more. This is your opportunity to have your contribution count in this tax year.
Keep in mind that strong awards help attract the best in emerging and established artists from around the world.  So please consider donating online with the form at the bottom of this page or making a check out to the “Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh” and mailing to our treasurer: Judy Manion, 230 Beverly Rd. Apt. 620, Pittsburgh, PA 15216.  Please mark it “Donation for FI Awards.”
Thank you for your time and dedication and thank you again for your contribution to the awards fund!

Susan Swarthout
President, Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh

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