Lecture with Elizabeth Whyte Shulze

December 8, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Free program for members - $5.- for non-members.
Michelle Browne

December 8, 2021 – 1 PM EST
Free program for members – $5.- for non-members.
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Elizabeth’s Artist statement:

“My interest in textiles, baskets, petroglyph and archaeological sites throughout the world has led me to travel to destinations with ancient ruins, bustling markets, painted caves and world heritage sites. My 2020 basket sculptures reflect impressions of a recent tour to Morocco. The colorful carpets woven by tribal women inspired me to use a textured stitch to convey each rug design. In the background can be seen the familiar Moorish Arch and tiled walls so prevalent in Moroccan architecture

Each work has a central female figure who is calling to women of the world to support each other in their daily life. Occasionally she wears an elaborate hat made of tiny metal or paper washers similar to sequins used by Moroccan weavers to reflect the light when the rug is spread on the ground. Berber women in the countryside often wore facial tattoos. I use tattoo designs to add a new layer of marks with origins in Moroccan history. The gathered women include a tattooed woman, a pink hat girl, a girl wearing fashionable rabbit ears, a Mighty Mouse girl, a Burka clad woman and RBG to emphasize the need for all women to join together for a better future.

My technique is coiled basketry using pine needles and raffia. I adhere to the basket a thin layer of handmade Japanese paper forming a skin. Using acrylic paint I transform the surface of the basket with imagery and content drawn from my travel experiences.  By adding layers of marks and unusual papers gathered during my travels I create a complex landscape of imagery and the importance of women in daily life.”