Lecture lecture with Hannah Streefkerk

March 16, 2021 – 11 AM EST
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Hannah Streefkerk (originally from The Netherlands but living in Sweden for the past 8 years) works consists of installations in situ, outside ore inside and embroidery works. In a lot of her works textiles and textile techniques, like crocheting and embroidery, play a significant role. The time consuming nature of this techniques, fits well to the main themes in her work; environmental issues and the nature of time. How do we look, ore not look at nature. As a contemporary Florence Nightingale, based in nature, Streefkerk goes into the forest to mend wounded trees and leaves, using yarn. She stitches together the torn bark of various trees and repairs the holes in fallen leaves on the forest’s floor.
Today the trend in our everyday lives is to ‘use and discard’, instead of taking time to repair or restore our belongings. We would rather buy a new pair of socks than try to stitch up the holes, and we would rather buy a new chair than try to fix the broken leg back on.
Hannah Streefkerk challenges this attitude, as she takes it upon herself to manually repair her natural surroundings, ore emphasizes details in nature with needle and thread. She creates a visual metaphor for our responsibility for taking better care of our environment.
Hannah was part of Fiberart International in 2010.