We commit to listen, to learn and to grow.

The Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh stands with ‘Black Lives Matter’ — dignity, respect and equality without fear. Art can be a vehicle for unheard voices, for community-building and for healing.  As an organization we will continue to work in support of these values. We commit to listen, to learn and to grow.

Links of Interest

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Moschino Sent Model Marionettes Sashaying Down the Runway, as Tiny Fashion Editors Looked On

Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott enlisted Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to create his Spring-Summer 2021 show on a miniature set populated entirely by marionettes. https://worldofwonder.net/moschino-sent-model-marionettes-to-sashay-down-the-runway-as-tiny-fashion-editors-looked-on-watch/

Two Fabric Homes by Artist Do Ho Suh Float Above an Atrium in Incheon International Airport.

Living and working in London, Korean artist Do Ho Suh (previously) is concerned with “home, physical space, displacement, memory, individuality, and collectivity,” ideas he evokes in his life-sized fabric sculptures and installations.


Studio Visit: Textile Artist Billie Zangewa on Gaining Inspiration Through Tidying Up and Why She Found Kusama an Acquired Taste.

Johannesburg-based Malawian artist Billie Zangewa—an on-the-rise textile creator—is best known for her powerful collages depicting scenes of domestic life in hand-stitched scraps of silk.


Little Amal: An Enormous Puppet is Traveling 8,000 km to Shed Light on the Refugee Crisis

The 3.5-meter tall character, which was created by Handspring Puppet Company, will stop in 70 cities across Europe to meet with locals and participate in celebrations and education programs.


Jeffrey Gibson: Culture, Materials, Identity and Trade

Over the last decade Jeffrey Gibson has moved from creating lyrical, abstracted acrylic landscape paintings with beaded and sculpted paint elements to a dizzingly multi-varied practice, which interfaces with the rubrics of fashion, gender, and ethnicity.


Ethereal Photographs Capture Mono Giraud’s Sculptural Garments Formed with Organic Materials

Evoking sprawling sculptures, Giraud’s garments are often neutral-toned to maintain the integrity of the original material. Dresses flow down into pools of fabric that then form wrinkly backdrops, spools of twine are arranged to mimic a sash and headdress, and a woven basket pocked with straw perches on a subject’s head.


Why we need soft textures right now

Fabric art and interiors are helping to make home the ultimate comfort zone. Dominic Lutyens talks to the creators of the cosy, tactile aesthetic.


H&M will let people convert old clothing items into new ones at Stockholm store

The Sweden-based retailer is about to start giving consumers at its Stockholm store the option to turn in used garments that it will then transform into one of three different clothing items.


Links of Interest

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The Pandemic Won’t Stop These Artists from Creating

Guild member LaVerne Kemp is included in a new exhibition by Women of Visions that chronicles their thoughts, moments and imagination during the stay-at-home orders.


Weavings and wall hangings by Igshaan Adams

In his first solo museum exhibition in the US, running until November at SCAD, Adams lines the walls and floors of the expansive Pamela Elaine Poetter Gallery. 


A Tribute to a Lace-Knitting Legend: Olga Alexandrovna Fedorova

Olga realized that without worldwide access to its techniques, Orenburg-style lace knitting would be writing its final chapter. Olga Alexandrovna Fedorova made sure that it did not happen.


Monarchs, Milkweed, and You

Milkweed plants not only support threatened monarch butterfly populations, they produce several types of spinnable fiber!


Lacy, spray-painted murals are the gorgeous work of Warsaw based artist NeSpoon.

From Sicily to Spain, France to Croatia she is bringing the traditional lace of each area out of the linen closet and onto the walls of the town.


Miniature Mixed Media Lace Works Depict Pastoral Scenes in New Work by Ágnes Herczeg

Working within a scale of just a few inches, Hungarian artist Ágnes Herczeg  threads together fragments of wood, seeds, and wire with delicate lace work to form pastoral scenes inspired in part by her surroundings in a small town near the river Danube.


Honoring Motherhood and the Mundane

Wings of Change, the forthcoming New York debut of Billie Zangewa, will bring together a selection of the artist’s tender silk collages, which revel in Black domestic intimacy.


Nidiya Kusmaya is a textile artist and researcher from Sukabumi-West Java Indonesia, working with natural dyeing methods.

Currently she is doing research in combining kitchen and agricultural waste with materials such as micro fungus and bacteria to create colorants for textiles that are environmentally friendly.


A Collection of Lace Collars in Honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

One of the many things Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be remembered for is the iconic collars she wore with her black robes. In honor of the Supreme Court Justice’s passing, here’s a collection of white lace collars from the pages of PieceWork Magazine.


Call for Participation

Here’s an important Call for Participation from members of the Guild. Please share to any artist friends who might want to participate.

                                  Call for Participation

Virtual 10/27 commemoration organized by Jewish Family & Community Services. I hope it is helpful!

Last year JFCS organized some different activities for the community and it was very meaningful (here is a NY Times story in case people would like to know more). Community members helped to stuff backpacks for children going to immigration court, helped make blankets for newly arriving refugee families, and created felt hearts for themselves or their community (the last two events were organized by the Outreach Committee of the FiberArts Guild). This year, due to Covid-19 we are not able to host an event in person.

This year, JFCS is hoping to provide an online space for the community to connect with each other, with the theme of “Create Hope”. Here is the website so far: https://create.jfcspgh.org/

We are inviting community members to send pictures/videos of things that help them create hope in difficult times. Songs, poems, crafting, art, photographs, stories so that the broader community is able to view these posts and help keep hope in their hearts and commemorate the 10/27. 

On the website, there is a link to submit your artwork.

We would also like to offer live or recorded workshops for community members to take part in. These would be activities that people can participate in from the comfort of their home. Such as knitting, crocheting, mosaic making, embroidery. JFCS would have organize the registration and set up Zoom for live workshops, so people would have support from staff in that regard.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,


Yesmina Salib | Program Coordinator

Refugee and Immigrant Support Groups

JFCS Refugee & Immigrant Services

5743 Bartlett Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217

Office: 412-422-7200 | Direct Dial: 412-904-5972