Alicja Kozlowska

Warsaw, Poland – Quilter and Embroidery Artist

Written by Karen Womack

Alicja (Alice) Kozlowska creates three-dimensional art based on items we interact with daily, such as food.  Her felted, embroidered pop art includes soup cans and potato chips. 

She began experimenting with fiber art techniques in 2017 and eventually found her niche in hand embroidery.   Alice begins by creating the background on a sewing machine and applies the finishing touches with hand embroidery.  Most of her art is small and detailed.

Alice is studying domestic design at the University of Warsaw, Poland. She attended the U.S. equivalent of a creative arts high school majoring in graphic design.  Her mission is to change the perception of fabric, which is not necessarily seen as an element in art.

Her works have been exhibited in galleries and shows across Europe and the United States.  In 2021 Alice was awarded the prestigious Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery.  Hand & Lock, based in London, is the premier embroidery house whose clients include the Royal Family.  

Recent projects include participation in the #IClapFor project, which recognizes Covid pandemic helpers.  A current project is her first large work (approximately 1 meter square) in which she analyzes consumerism and its discards.

Footnote:  At the time of her interview, Ukraine, the neighboring country to Poland, is at war.  We send positive light to Alicja and her fellow artists of both countries.

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Instagram – Alice.Kozlow