Norma Lipscomb (Phone Tree), Stacy Morrison (email), Mary Towner (Calls for Entry), Katrina Shorter-Harrison, Petra Fallaux (eblast) & Ann Taymans
This committee drives program communications with FGP Members. They compile and distribute information important to FGP Members in a timely fashion using monthly email updates and other email messages. For those without email, we have a phone tree in place.


Petra Fallaux, Contact
This committee sends out monthly Eblasts to help members stay informed about our programs and provides information to the media about Guild events and exhibitions. If you have content that you would like to appear in the monthly Eblast, please send it to Petra Fallaux ( by the 23rd of the month. Content received after that date will be published in the following month’s Eblast.


Jean Thomas, Chair
Michelle Browne, Barbara Kubala, Judy Manion, Jane Ogren, Brent Ruka, Laura Tabakman, Ann Taymans.
The FGP provides its Members with exhibition opportunities; arguably one of the most valuable services provided by the FGP to its Members. The Exhibition committee gov- erns all aspects of member exhibits to make sure that the experience is valuable for exhibitors and audiences alike.


Carolyn Carson
The PCA representative provides a voice for the FGP to maintain awareness about PF/ PCA policies and requirements.


Laura Tabakman, Carolyn Carson, Donna Bogosto Kearns, Elizabeth Murray Finkelstein
The Finance Committee meets several times a year to review FGP finances, and to develop an annual operating budget for the coming year. We are looking for Members to help us run the business side of our arts organization.


Ellen Smith
Provides refreshment at most meetings as well as some of the special events.


Norma Lipscomb, Contact
The Membership Committee maintains FGP membership records, mails information to new and prospective Members, tracks dues payments from Members (and sends payment reminders when necessary), and takes attendance records at FGP meetings.


Brent Ruka / Ann Taymans Co-Chairs
The Nominating Committee nominates members for all open positions of the Board, annually, and presents nominees to fill any vacancies that occur on the Board of Direc- tors. The Committee also nominates members for positions on the next Nominating Committee. The Committee reports its nominations to the membership at the FGP Annual meeting.


Susan Swarthout, Chair
The Outreach Committee brings the talents and resources of our FGP to the wider com- munity of Pittsburgh. The committee engages, educates, and fosters an appreciation of and love for fiber arts and techniques. The committee works to further the FGP’s cultural presence in Pittsburgh through collaboration with other FGPs, organizations, and schools. We welcome all Members to help plan and carry out outreach efforts.


Michelle Browne, Chair
Sam Milford, Ellen Smith, Jamie Herron, Patty Kennedy Zafred, Kathyn Stanko, Toni Ritchey-Ridella, Barbara Dahlberg, Petra Fallaux (Eblasts), Delli Speers (Show, Share and Critique)
The Programs Committee identifies programming for the upcoming fiscal year, and de- velops the comprehensive Program Calendar (which is at the core of this directory). The committee identifies programs, lectures, and workshops of interest to FGP Members, and procures presenters and meeting space to support the important work of the FGP.


Norma Lipscomb, Martha Wasik
A new Resource Guide and Directory is published each year, and contains complete, updated information about the FGP and its Members. A PDF version of the directory is available for download in the Members-only section of the FGP website (https://


Co-Chairs: Laura Tabakman / Donna Bogosto Kearns, Judy Manion (Facebook Group Admin), Penny Mateer (Facebook Page Admin)
The Social Media committee oversees the FGP website (, the Fiberarts International website (, the FGP Yahoo group, the FGP Facebook page and Facebook group, and the FGP’s various email accounts. If you are interested in exhibiting your work, a list of Call for Entries is published every two months, a great resource.


Carol Henley, Main Contact
Jamie Herron – Felting, Risë Nagin – Installations Sam Milford – CAT, Delli Speers – Knit & Crochet, Delli Speers – Beading.
The FGP has established a number of Special Interest Groups that are designed to pro- vide Members with a forum in which pursue a particular interest within the wide range of fiber art. Groups are informally structured and self-governed each deciding how, where, and when to meet, and how to focus their activities. Specific policies regarding the sponsorship and funding of FGP SIGs can be found on the FGP Website (https:// If you are interested in starting a new SIG, contact Carol Henley (, who will be happy to help you organize an initial meeting.

Beading (Contact: delli Speers)
Meets to learn and share with each other beading techniques, stitches and ideas how to incorporate beading into our artwork.

Cultural Anthropology of Textiles (CAT) (Contact: Sam Milford)
Study textiles and clothing in all their forms, across cultures and throughout history, with special attention to the human narrative behind clothing, for creators and wearers alike. Make and wear articles of dress to put what we learn into practice and express ourselves as artists. Provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment for artistic growth.

Felting (Contact: Jamie Herron)
Felt = wet and needle felting (aka dry felting) We celebrate all things FELT! Our group is comprised of, and encourages, both experienced and beginning felters, as well as those who want to learn how. There is room and support for all!

knit & Crochet (Contact: kitty Savel)
The Knit and Crochet Special Interest Group is a very relaxed group of knitters and crocheters from all walks of life. The group meets the first Sunday of the month at the Squirrel Hill Library from 1pm – 3pm. Knitters and crocheters meet to discuss their work, and to provide help and encouragement to other members of the group. All levels of knitters and crocheters are welcome.

The installation Project (Contact: Risë nagin)
This group explores issues related to site-specific installation art. We visit exhibitions, talk about our own current and potential projects. Collaboration and experimentation are encouraged.