Oh Those Last Minute Entries — it must be Fiberart International Time

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Penny Mateer’s FI-friendly design wall. Smaller than 8’6″, no problem.

The deadline for FI2016 is fast approaching.  Are you like me, do you wait until the last minute to enter? I know the deadline months in advance so I must be ready to upload today, right? Not exactly. What is this last minute business all about?

To choose the work, gotta look at the restrictions — and thankfully there aren’t many. The size limit is 8’6″.  I have that problem licked from the git-go, my design wall is only 7′ tall and 6′ wide when fully extended. “Can’t weigh more than 100 pounds and has to be easily handled by 2 people.” Last I checked I couldn’t find an assistant to help make that cumbersome piece, the help I keep longing for. You know that humble acolyte, the one you always see bustling around the huge, light-filled studios of major artists, effortlessly juggling huge elements, or better yet just listening intently as “the artist” brilliantly discusses the work, that person?  Not happening here. Definitely less than 100 pounds for this gal.More Information

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor at SCC

Detail: Wanna do right...but not right now

Meet the artist and share her vision At a recent guild-sponsored lecture at Contemporary Craft, featured Bridge 13 artist Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor talked about the evolution of her style and body of work. Guild secretary Wanda Spangler-Warren took her usual meticulous notes and lent them to us for this post. Thanks, Wanda! The huge, grotesquely […]

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Hosting the Artist Panel at Quilt National ’15

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Getting accepted into Quilt National 2015 is an accomplishment many of us would envy. But FGP member Patty Kennedy-Zafred didn’t stop there. At the request of SAQA, the Studio Art Quilt Association, she jumped into the proceedings and hosted a panel of participating artists. We asked her to tell all and she graciously obliged… By […]

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Tina Williams Brewer

Tina Williams-Brewer, Governor Wolf, Laura Domencic

Inaugural Exhibition at the State Museum in Harrisburg One of the great things about being a member of FGP is the opportunity to meet, know and learn from accomplished fiber artists.  Tina Williams Brewer, Master Visual Artist, is one of the most distinguished in our region.  I had a chance to chat with Tina recently […]

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AIR -4

Over the past couple of years our programs committee has run this popular printing workshop several times, and it nearly always sells out. More and more fiber artists, may of whom already dye their own fabrics, are intrigued by the opportunity to control and create another element that goes into their work. In fact, guild […]

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